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World Predictions for 2011

March 25th, 2011 No comments

I found a video in youtube that predicts on what will happen in year 2011 and found out one of the prediction is true – [ 9:30] “A very large tsunami will strike in the Pacific”. Surprisingly the video was posted on 3rd of January 2011. The rest of the predictions is still unknown, wether it will really happen or not. Personally, I don’t trust it 100%… Everything is depends on Allah’s will. Watch the video below…

[jwplayer mediaid="670"]

Japan Tsunami 2011 : Let’s Help Japan

March 19th, 2011 No comments

Lets help Japan tsunami victims by donating to them. Even RM1 or USD1 donation is valuable in their situation. Just imagine if the same thing happens to us… Watch the videos and please help the victims.

How to donate? (Click this link)

Japan Earthquake Magnitude 9.0 Video:

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Japan tsunami video after the earthquake:

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