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UFO Over Malaysia 2011

I’ve been watching videos about UFO from all over the world for past few years and found out UFO sightings become more frequent than ever. Even in Malaysia we can see more videos posted over the internet nowadays. Maybe because most people have a camera phone which they can record a video on the spot. But wether these UFOs are really alien from other planet or not is still a question.

From my judgement after watching most UFO videos over the internet, all I can say is 50% are fake videos that is made for fun or to attract people (traffic) and the other 50% of the videos are real. I am not saying that the alien is really exist but the UFO is real – only we don’t know wether it is human made or comes from other planet. I’ve picked few videos from youtube for you to watch. Enjoy watching! (read more to watch the videos)

UFO over Sarawak, Malaysia

UFO over Penang, Malaysia

Another one in Penang, Malaysia

UFO over Sabah, Malaysia. Many witnesses the UFO.

UFO over Somewhere in Malaysia?

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