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Beware of Fake Eggs

Eggs also faked! This idea is from China few years ago and now in Malaysia? Let’s see how’s fake egg is made and how to identify them.

How to identify fake eggs: After opening the egg, egg white and egg yolk will soon mix together.

1. Fake egg’s shell is a little shinier than the real egg, but it is not very noticeable.

2. When touch the fake egg by hand, it feels a little rougher than the real egg.

3. Shake the fake egg will make some noises, because water overflows from the solid agent.

4. Real egg smells a little like raw meat.

5. Tap the egg lightly. Real egg makes a more crisp sound than the fake egg.

6. Shortly after opening the fake egg, egg yolk and egg white will melt together. This is because the egg yolk and egg white are made of the same raw materials.

7. When frying a fake egg, the yolk will spread without being touched.

Read more to watch the videos…

How to make fake eggs (for knowledge purpose):

Do not intent to practice it!

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