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Beware of emails from banks!

maybankToday I received an email from Maybank… again… It is a FAKE Maybank email. I received similar emails before from CIMB(fake) and Maybank(also fake)… How do I know it is a fake emails? I am writing this tips not to show off or to tell that I know everything, but I believe someone may be a victim of these fake emails. Here are some tips to identify these fake emails…  



Refer to the picture :



1. Sender’s email adress is not from Maybank themself, normally if they’re really maybank, they should use Maybank’s email (***@maybank.com.my)

2. The Maybank’s logo has been embosed! Normally corporate emails doesn’t do that to their logo! If you right click at the logo image and see the properties, it is even hosted at free image hosting website! not from the bank’s website…

3. The links – if you mouse over at the link in your email, the link is not directly go to official bank’s website. This will tricks you! If you click that link, it will opens a website exactly as Maybank’s website but it is fake! If you enters your login information there, it will save your login information in their database and your account will be at risk!

REMEMBER! Never open a bank’s website from any other links. Just add a favourite(bookmark) to the bank’s website in your PC  and always practise using that bookmark instead of using other website’s or email’s links/shortcuts.

MY ADVISE! Just ignore ALL emails from banks or set them as a spam just for safety precaution. The banks will always use their website to spread news or infos, always go directly to their website to confirm frequently! Do not trust this kind of emails even if the sender is from your relative or friend’s email address. It uses a simple trick to use other person’s email adress to send an email.

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